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Everything should be Negotiable | Media AWAKEN

Everything should be Negotiable

How many times have you called a customer service help line and not gotten a satisfactory response? Or a human one for that matter? Customer service should not be a chore that is farmed out with limited training to people that can’t really do much for you. To often customer service gets a bad rap for being unable to solve your issue and you often leave the conversation angrier then when you began it.

What can you do then to stop this wave of frustration? Pay customers for their time on the phone? Offer incentives for quality answers? Casual Friday? Maybe, but none of these solutions offer any real progress to solving the customer service headache.

Ways to Change:

1.    Reward Innovation. The best solutions usually come from the call center floor. The people in the trenches know the best ways to find out whether something works or not simply by testing it. So ask them to come up with solutions.

2.    Don’t block access, enable it. If you can’t trust your customer service employees to do the right thing and solve problems by giving them access to a system that would allow this. Why are they employed by you? What value could they be possibly adding?

3.    Utilize every channel (and make sure people can access your services from where THEY are and not where you are). This is getting more and more important as time goes on. People don’t use one form of communication to reach people anymore. They utilize several…until they get a response they prefer. The phone and email have been the standard for to long: let’s open up the door for a variety of services.

Empowerment is the only way to ensure customers have a more positive experience. You need to allow people to actually help people in order to help people? Not exactly rocket science but in today’s world it seems pretty damn close.

Does your company have the same commitment to customer service as the rescuer? It should.


This is a guest post by Stuart Foster.

Stuart Foster is a marketing/PR consultant in the Boston area. He specializes in brand management, social media, and blog outreach. He authors a blog at

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