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Manifestation | Media AWAKEN

Reflections on Week 1

It is Monday, just like many other Mondays. But for me, today is different. It is the second Monday of Media Awaken’s existence. Clearly, the perfect time to reflect on the past few months and specifically, this past week. I’m also sitting on a bus traveling from NYC to Boston, so that might have something to do with it too…

A few months ago, Jeff Pulver offered me my dreams on a silver platter. The hopeless romantic that I am, I of course jumped at the chance, and the idea for Media Awaken was born. But back then it was called Prajna something-or-other. Through feed back from my favorite past-time (and invaluable tool) Twitter, Prajna was chucked and Media Awaken was born. I have to take a moment to thank Christopher S. Penn for suggesting the name (he even checked to make sure the URL was available before doing so). Thanks Chris!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve known that some day I was going to save the world. No, I’m serious. Since I wasn’t born with super powers like the characters in Heroes, it took me a while to figure out just how I was going to go about doing that. So, as my personal tag line goes: I’m a SuperGeek, here to save the world. Corny I know, but it fits.

So, back to Media Awaken. How it all came together was I first discovered PR–a job where I got to talk. Perfct! Because, anyone who knows me at all, know how much I love to talk. To talk, and to relate, to converse and to communicate. The came alone New Media. Wow, now that ws a perfect fit. I got to be a communicating computer geek. Heaven. Pair those will helping non-profits and other socially conscious organizations, and I had hit the lottery.

Of course, there was much trepidation at first. I couldn’t actually start my own company! That would be crazy! Luckily I had people like Professor Steve Quigley, Amanda Gravel, and Laura Fitton cheering me on. So, here I am, the second Monday in June and I run a company. And let me tell you, WOW. I love it! I love the clients I’m working with (I will shamelessly plug them in a future blog post), I love the freedom of structuring my own schedule, but most of all I love knowing that every day I get to wake up and spend my day doing what I love most: being a super geek and saving the world!

So, more blog posts to come–some about my experience of starting a company, most about the wonderful world of 2.0.